Training Schools


The 4 MEDSALT training schools aim at training the next generation of experts focusing on the whole Mediterranean area, including southern and eastern coastal states.

MEDSALT training schools will be open not only to trainees specializing in the field of the school theme, but also to trainees coming from different fields of research. The trainers will adapt their training method to this diverse audience.

  • MEDSALT TRAINING SCHOOL 1Seismic interpretation applied to salt basins in different geodynamic settings (Cyprus, September 2017)

  • MEDSALT TRAINING SCHOOL 2: Salt tectonics, fluids, and geohazards (Poland, summer 2019). Stay tuned!

  • MEDSALT TRAINING SCHOOL 3: The Messinian Salinity Crisis from a field-work perspective (Sorbas – Spain, April 22–27, 2019).

  • MEDSALT TRAINING SCHOOL 4: Deep life and buried salt deposits (University of Essex and Boulby International Subsurface Astrobiology Laboratory, September 2018).