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  • EGU General Assembly, Vienna 3-8 May 2020
    SSP1.6 – Recent Advances on The Messinian Salinity Crisis
    Convener: Virginie Gaullier, Co-conveners: Agnes Maillard, Jean-Loup Rubino



The interdisciplinary conference intends to bring together geologists, biologists, microbiologists, geophysicists, oceanographers, geochemists and scientists from other disciplines in order to facilitate interdisciplinary and international cooperation.


Two associated field-trips, one pre-meeting  (14th) on the Messinian basin in the Betics (under discussion) and another post-meeting (17th) on styles of extensional tectonics in
the Betics.

  • Penrose conference on Advances in salt tectonics: observations, applications, and perspectives – in honor of Martin P.A. Jackson, 11-16 February, 2018 in Ein Boqeq, Dead Sea, Israel.

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October 10-12, 2017 Toulouse FRANCE,

MEDSALT Session T1 Understanding Salt Giants and their geological, geochemical and biological Impacts

Conveners. Vanni ALOISI (CNRS Paris, FRA), Judith MCKENZIE (ETH Zurich, AUT), Virginie GAULLIER (UMR LOG 8187 CNRS-Lille1-ULCO, FRA), Daniel GARCIA-CASTELLANOS (ICTJA-CSIC Barcelona, ESP)

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    3 – 6 September 2017, Athens (Greece)
    The Conference’s main topic is the Mediterranean Sea and includes all the cognitive fields connected with geo – sciences/earth sciences, physical processes, human activities as well as the burgeoning environmental changes.

    Online Submission will be open on 1ST of February 2016.

  • 5th PAGES Open Science Meeting 
    header-default9-13 May 2017 Zaragoza, Spain
    Special Session “From the Mediterranean to the Caspian: palaeoclimate variability, environmental responses and human”
    Co-conveners: Ana Moreno, Valentina Yanko-Hombach and William Fletcher

  • egu_logo23 – 28 April 2017, Vienna (Austria)

    Scientific Session SSP2.6 (Stratigraphy, Sedimentology & Palaeontology – Stratigraphy and Earth Systems History)
    Salt Giants: causes, processes and impacts on basin evolution
    Conveners: Angelo Camerlenghi , Rachel Flecker
    Co-Conveners: Johanna Lofi , Giovanni Aloisi , Christian Hübscher , Daniel Garcia-Castellanos , Judith McKenzie , Hugh Daigle
    Abstract submission deadline, January 11 2017

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    2-9 October 2016, Georgia

    From the Caspian to Mediterranean: Environmental Change and Human Response during the Quaternary
    The Fourth Plenary Meeting and Field Trip