Medsalt STSM – third call

Within the Third Short term scientific mission (STSM) Medsalt call, in 2018 four researchers were funded.

   STSM Title Affiliation Host institution
Luca Samperi Estimation of Vp, density and thermal impedance of Messinian rock types, Sicily: Important physical parameters for seismic forward modelling. University of Perugia University of Haifa
Thomai Anagnostoudi Salt-related gravity-driven tectonics in the Levant Basin: Insights from physical experiments University of Haifa CNRS-Lille1-ULCO
Konstantina Agiadi The Messinian fish fauna of Cyprus and paleoenvironmental implications National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Geological Survey Department (Cyprus)
Paolo Censi Zr/Hf ratio and Lanthanide distribution in halite. Might they represent suitable geochemical proxies of undisturbed primary salt minerals? University of Palermo Geological Survey of Israel