Gypsum crust from the bottom of a shallow saltern pond

Gypsum crust from the bottom of a shallow saltern pond (200 g l−1 salinity) in Eilat, Israel, showing layered communities of phototrophic microbes. The orange-brown upper layer is dominated by unicellular cyanobacteria and the green layer by filamentous cyanobacteria; and the red-purple layer contains a dense community of purple sulfur bacteria (e.g. Halochromatium spp.) that oxidize sulfide produced by sulfate-reducing bacteria present in the lower grey layer, © Andreas Thywißen. (For more details see: McGenity TJ & Oren A (2012) Hypersaline environments. In Life at Extremes: Environments, Organisms and Strategies for Survival. EM Bell (ed.) CAB International, UK. pp. 402-437)

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