Training School 3: The Messinian Salinity Crisis from a fieldwork perspective

Location: Sorbas (Spain)

Date: April 22 – 27, 2019

Deadline for applications: January 15, 2019

Goals: Provide training in stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology, geochemistry and petrology of the Messinian geological record in the Sorbas Basin (Spain) with lectures, practical exercises, and fieldwork.


  • Monday April 22. Arrival at Malaga airport. Bus transport of participants to Sorbas. Evening lecture: Introduction to the training school: trainers, scope, structure, and logistics
  • Tuesday April 23. Lectures: Origin of the Sorbas basin: structure and sedimentary infill (F. Sierro) – Marginal deposits: Messinian pre-and postevaporitic coral reefs and associated deposits (J. C. Braga) – Fieldwork: General Stratigraphy of the Sorbas Basin.
  • Wednesday April 24. Lecture: Abad Formation: Astronomical (Milankovitch) Climate Forcing (F. Hilgen) – Fieldwork: Field visit to the Sorbas basin: Pre-Messinian deposits.
  • Thursday April 25. Lectures: The Messinian Salinity Crisis: State of the Art (M.J. Herrero)-  The Messinian Salinity Crisis impact on marine biota (K. Agiadi) – Fieldwork: Field visit to the Messinian Gypsum deposits.
  • Friday April 26. Lecture: The Coastal Marine Late Messinian Sorbas Member (C.J. Dabrio) – Fieldwork: Field visit to the Late Messinian Coastal deposits. Messinian post-evaporitic deposits.
  • Saturday April 27. Lecture: Petrology of saline materials  (J.I. Escavy) — Departure to Malaga airport

Organizing Committee: María Josefa Herrero Fernández (University Complutense of Madrid), Konstantina Agiadi (University of Athens), Francisco Javier Sierro Sánchez (University of Salamanca), Juan Carlos Braga (University of Granada), Fritz Hilgen (Utrecht University).

Trainers: María Josefa Herrero Fernández (University Complutense of Madrid), Konstantina Agiadi (University of Athens), Francisco Javier Sierro Sánchez (University of Salamanca), Juan Carlos Braga (University of Granada), Fritz Hilgen (Utrecht University), Cristino Dabrio (University Complutense of Madrid), José Ignacio Escavy Fernández (University Politécnica of Madrid).

Participation: The school is co-organized with the Marie Skłodowska-Curie ETN SALTGIANT, which will provide up to 15 participants from the Early Stage researchers enrolled in the SALTGIANT PhD programs. MEDSALT will support the participation of up to 12 additional trainees with a fixed grant to cover the travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs.

Trainees eligible to be reimbursed: 1. Trainees from COST Member that are parties of the MEDSALT COST Action. 2. Trainees from Approved NNC institutions. 3. Trainees from Approved European RTD Organizations. See lists

Target Trainees: PhD Students and Early Stage Researchers (ESR, time elapsed between the date of the PhD/doctorate (or similar experience) and the date of involvement in the COST action is equal or less than 8 years). The selection of the trainees will address the COST policies towards excellence and inclusiveness:

  • geographical spread
  • career stage: involving early career investigators
  • gender balance


DREAM Deep Drilling meeting, 27 April 2017

A one-day meeting on DREAM Deep Drilling has been held on Thursday April 27th 2017 at the  Museum of Natural History in Vienna, hosted by Mathias Harzhauser.

The meeting will address the Grant Period-1 goals to: Prepare for scientific drilling, Implement field data acquisition (Seismic site survey, other….), Implement seismic data interpretation.

Grant Perios activities involved: Working Group Meeting to set up a roadmap to prepare for IODP riser drilling with the Drilling Vessel Chikyu.

Grant Period Outputs: Identification of drillsites in the Levant and Western Mediterranean Basin. Site survey needs, identification of drilling hazards.

The meeting will be a review of the drilling initiatives with the following tentative schedule:

  • discuss the present situation with permits for the DREAM proposal;
  • discuss realistic options of Chikyu drilling;
  • discuss a new JR drilling proposal, for the Eastern Mediterranean.


Training School Preparation Workshop, 21-23 February 2017

The MEDSALT network organizes a Training School Preparation Workshop on from 21st to 23rd of February 2017 in Piran (Slovenia) with the purpose of preparing an agendo for the four MEDSALT training schools to be offered throughout the life of the project.

Training school themes:

  • Messinian Salinity Crisis
  • Salt Tectonics, fluids and geohazards
  • Deep Biosphere
  • Deep Earth to surface processes interactions